Filming in Dacorum

Published: 12 July 2022

Filming is a growing sector in Hertfordshire. It is a good location for the industry due to it's proximity to London (meaning overnight accommodation is not always needed), the availability of studios - Elstree, Leavesden, Pinewood, Shepperton, Bovingdon plus the new Studios Sky Studios and also skilled businesses to support the activity.

Response to filming requests had been carried out previously on an ad hoc basis, with no single point of contact, no consistency around charging policies and little connection between the services that filming can involve. As a result, Dacorum Borough Council have appointed a Filming Officer to help put Dacorum on the map and facilitate and encourage filming in a positive way.

Dacorum is fast becoming known as trail blazing for filming in Hertfordshire and other boroughs are looking to us for direction and guidance on how we have made it work. Connections with Productions, Location Managers, studios, local businesses and West Herts College have put us at the forefront for the known skills gap to the industry and is already making an impact locally, with connections being made between colleges and studios now too for future module improvements.

It is for this reason we have created databases that mirror the main Creative England Databases, so the listings will not only be visible to Dacorum, but to the wider productions and scouts.


The Databases allow local residents to add their locations for filming, such as houses, sheds, land, village halls and businesses as well as local trades and facilities who already work with the industry or would be open to working in the industry.

Below are the links to the databases and also our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


For services/skills and facilities:

Dacorum MovieSite Databases 


For locations:

Dacorum: Location Registration from MovieSite  


Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy