Community Safety

The Parish Council aims to make Bovingdon a safer place to live, visit and work. Improved Community Safety includes reduction in road accidents, incidents of criminality and public disorder.

In order to achieve this the Parish Council will form alliances and partnerships with other agencies such as; Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Hertfordshire Constabulary, Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership.

Road Safety Feasibility Study

The report from a feasibility study conducted in 2017, covering the Chesham/Hempstead Roads (B4505), High Street and Chipperfield Road listed a number of options for road improvement. As a result, the Parish Council successfully bid for funding from the Police Commissioner’s Road Safety Fund. The funds are now lodged with the Hertfordshire Strategic Road Safety Partnership and works are to be scheduled to improve the village gateways on Hempstead, Chesham and Chipperfield Roads as well as install 20mph advisory signs for the school in the High Street.

Further Speed Reduction Measures

A further bid will be made at the next funding round to implement speed reduction measures in Chipperfield Road. Part of this bid will use speed data collected from the operation of the recent Police Commissioner’s DriveSafe scheme.

Community Safety

Community Safety is a standing item on the Agenda for Parish Council meetings.