Bovingdon Community Library

In April 2018 a committee was formed to manage the conversion with the library services of our village Library into becoming a Community Library run by volunteers.

The whole process is likely to take 8-12 months and at the end the Library will be run by the volunteers for the benefit of the Community, with 20 hours of on-site library staff support.

The Library will still be open 30 hours a week 


Community Library Opening Times

 For all enquiries, including renewals, please call 0300 123 4049.

MONDAY                        14:00  to 18:00

TUESDAY                       09:00  to 18:00  

WEDNESDAY                closed

THURSDAY                    14:00  to 18:00

FRIDAY                           09:00  to 18:00

SATURDAY                    09:00  to 13:00      

Christmas Opening Times

MONDAY 24/12             14:00  to 17:00

TUESDAY 25/12            closed

WEDNESDAY 26/12     closed

THURSDAY 27/12         14:00  to 18:00

FRIDAY 28/12                09:00  to 18:00

SATURDAY 29/12         09:00  to 13:00

MONDAY 31/12             14:00  to 17:00

TUESDAY 01/01/19       closed 

Community Library Committee

Adrian Watney
Communications & Social Media
Events/Future Programmes
Helen Ellis
Patty Taylor
Volunteer Management
Jane Gilmore
Julie Steer
David Wright

Community Library Volunteers

Induction sessions were held in May and June 2018 and training with Library staff started at the end of June. Two further induction sessions were held for additional volunteers in October and November. We now have over 55 volunteers.  

We are still looking for people to volunteer about 2.15 - 2.30 hours a week to work in the library. Some of our volunteers come in weekly and others fortnightly and we have several term-time only mums. 

If you would like more information about volunteer roles or to contact the Committee, please e-mail: